Volume No. :   2

Issue No. :  4

Year :  2011

ISSN Print :  0976-495X

ISSN Online :  2321-5763


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An Analysis of Pre and Post Leasing Performance of a Leased Out Cooperative Sugar Factory (CSF) In Maharashtra.

Address:   Shinde Udaykumar R.
Sadashivrao Mandlik Mahavidyalay, Murgud, Tal-Kagal Dist-Kolhapur (Maharashtra)416209
*Corresponding Author

India is leading sugar producing country. Maharashtra is one of the major contributors of National Sugar Production. State sugar industry is dominated by Cooperative sector. In changing economic environment to survive sick CSFs, leasing out is done. In this regard pioneer experiment in case of Ajara Taluka Shetakari Sahakari Sugar Factory Ltd. Gavase Tal- Ajara Dist-Kolhapur is done. It had been leased out for five years i.e 2004-05 to 2008-09. This paper intends to make analysis of pre and post leasing performance of the said factory. Pre leasing period is known as Cooperative management period and post leasing period is known as private management period. For the analysis and evaluation seven key parameters e.g. Cane crushed, Sugar produced, Recovery, Capacity utilization, Reduced Mill Extraction, Gross Season and Cane price paid to the cane growers are selected. The performance of the leased out cooperative sugar factory is analysed separately for pre and post leasing period. For that purpose students ‘t’ Test is used. By comparing tabulated ‘t’ and calculated ‘t’ analysis and evaluation is done. The study reveals that out of seven key parameters, in case of cane crushed and gross season taken, there is no significant difference in performance. Whereas in terms of Sugar produced, RME, Capacity utilization, Recovery and finally cane price paid, the performance of private management is better than that of cooperative management. It shows that the post leasing performance of the same sugar factory is better result oriented. A factory which was on the threshold of closure down is survived by better management practices adopted by private management during post leasing period.
Cooperative Sugar Factory (CSF), Pre and Post Leasing, RME, Recovery, Capacity Utilisation, Private Management.
An Analysis of Pre and Post Leasing Performance of a Leased Out Cooperative Sugar Factory (CSF) In Maharashtra. Asian J. Management 2(4): Oct.-Dec., 2011 page 178-181.
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