Volume No. :   4

Issue No. :  1

Year :  2013

ISSN Print :  0976-495X

ISSN Online :  2321-5763


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Employee Relationship Management Practices in IT Sector: An Empirical Study

Address:   Ms. Jayasheela Patil1 and Dr. D. Masthan2
1Assistant Professor, Vivek Vardhini School of Business Management, Hyderabad.
2Principal Consultant, Centre for Leadership Research and Development, Hyderabad
*Corresponding Author

This research paper on the subject of Employee Relationship Management Practices attempts to conduct a focused amount of research to answer the question about the various employee relationship management issues in IT sector and their impact on the productivity. It focuses on the current definitions of employee relationship management, important theories that relate employee relationship management and its effect on productivity. The success of a software organization depends on project managers’ competency to successfully lead the team towards the achievement of goals. So they must have proper bonding with the organization and competency for giving results. The study delves to assess the effect of employee relationship management practices and its impact on the satisfaction, morale, motivation and performance levels of the project managers. The study followed a descriptive correlation study with a sample of 50 project managers related to different IT companies that were selected through convenience sampling method. A structured questionnaire was used as a data collection tool and data were analyzed by the SPSS tool. Findings of the study showed that majority of project managers were satisfied (50%-75%) with the existing practices in their organizations and agreed that good employee relationship management practices will surely have a positive impact on their morale, motivation and performance. The study reveals that with the proper implementation of ERM practices in the organizations surely will have competitive advantage. It was also observed that there was a direct correlation between ERM practices and employee motivation.
Employee Relationship Management, Competency, Satisfaction, Morale, Motivation, Performance and Competitive advantage.
Jayasheela Patil, D. Masthan. Employee Relationship Management Practices in IT Sector: An Empirical Study. Asian J. Management 4(1): Jan.-Mar. 2013 page 63-65.
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