Volume No. :   4

Issue No. :  4

Year :  2013

ISSN Print :  0976-495X

ISSN Online :  2321-5763


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Corporate Governance: A Study on Indian Banking Sector

Address:   Dr. Suman Kalyan Chaudhury1*, Prof. Debi Prasad Mishra2, Santanu Kumar Das3
1Faculty Member, P. G. Department of Business Administration, Berhampur University, Odisha
2Professor, P.G. Department of Business Administration, F.M. University, Balasore , Odisha
3Assistant Professor (MBA), Kalam Institute of Technology, Govinda Vihar, Berhampur, Ganjam, Odisha
*Corresponding Author

The thrust for greater transparency towards stakeholders of the business has led to the emergence of the concept of Corporate governance, which was a response to corporate failures and widespread dissatisfaction with the way many corporate function, has become one of the wide and deep discussions across the business sectors as a global phenomenon. The founding principles of corporate governance lays emphasis primarily hinges on complete transparency, integrity and accountability of the management. There is also an increasingly greater demand on investor interests and public orientation. Corporate governance is apprehensive with the values, vision and visibility. It’s all about the value orientation of the firm, ethical norms for its performance, the direction of development and social accomplishment of the organization and the visibility of its performance and practices. This paper focuses on corporate governance issues in Indian banking sector in specific as banking sector deserves special attention, the sector is mainly responsible for the allocation financial resources to all other sector of any economy. While recent high profile corporate governance failures in developed country have brought the subject to media attention. Through this research article we have discussed about the corporate governance issues in the view of Basel and Birla committee recommendation in the last we also have discussed about the need and prerequisites for corporate governance in Indian banking system.
Corporate governance, India banking sector, corporate governance issues, Basel and Birla committee
Suman Kalyan Chaudhury, Debi Prasad Mishra, Santanu Kumar Das. Corporate Governance: A Study on Indian Banking Sector. Asian J. Management 4(4): October –December, 2013 page 260-268.
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