Volume No. :   5

Issue No. :  1

Year :  2014

ISSN Print :  0976-495X

ISSN Online :  2321-5763


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Consumer Awareness towards Consumer Protection Rights – A Comparative Study of Rural and Urban Consumers of Tirupati Region

Address:   T. Narayana Gowd1, S. Dhairya2, Dr. M. Ramana Kumar3
1Research Scholar (Part-Time), Sree Krishna Devaraya Institute of Management, S.K. University, Anantapur and Associate Professor, SKIIMS B School, Kapugunneri (Village andPost), Srikalahasti (Mandal)- 517641,Andrapradesh,
2Assistant Professor, SKIIMS B School, Srikalahasti, Chitoor (Dist), Andra Pradesh, India-517641
3Associate Professor, SKIIMS B School, Srikalahasti (Mandal)- 517641,Andrapradesh, India.
*Corresponding Author

Consumer is the focal point in the market oriented economy. Consumer protection is a key concept of consumerism. Every consumer has the rights to ask the manufacturers towards their purchased products. Indian consumers are flood with variety of products after liberalization of the economy. Consumers are provided adequate safety and protection by the consumer protection act 1986, but most of the consumers not aware of their rights and responsibilities. Many consumers are facing problems with sub standard and hazardous products .Even though Government’s and NGO’s are trying to create awareness among the consumers towards welfare. It is not up to sufficient. An attempt has made to know the consumer awareness level towards consumer protection rights among the rural and urban consumers of the tirupati region and to study the sources of information for creating the awareness among the consumers of the Tirupati region. A sample size of 120 respondents which includes urban and rural consumers of equal size by the convenience sampling technique and descriptive research design is used. The primary data is collected by the questionnaire tool .The collected data is analyzed with the help of weighted mean, Chi-square test and percentages. The analyzed revealed that most of the consumers are not aware of their consumer protection rights. The urban consumers were more aware of their consumer protection rights than the rural consumer. The mass media like News paper, TV and radio were the main sources of creating awareness. The consumers should be educated through the various media.
Consumer, Consumer awareness, Consumer protection rights, Urban and Rural consumers and mass media.
T. Narayana Gowd, S. Dhairya, M. Ramana Kumar. Consumer Awareness towards Consumer Protection Rights –A Comparative Study of Rural and Urban Consumers of Tirupati Region. Asian J. Management 5(1): January–March, 2014 page 28-34.
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