Volume No. :   8

Issue No. :  4

Year :  2017

ISSN Print :  0976-495X

ISSN Online :  2321-5763


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Management Accountability for Occupational Health and Safety

Address:   Sunderlal Surendran
Venkateshwara Open University
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: 10.5958/2321-5763.2017.00212.8

An organizations’ improvement in its performance may be revealed by means of its increasing efforts towards the level of output and quality enhancement. If a company has to achieve their goals then efforts from the employees in performing the tasks also have to be attained. Under such circumstances, if an employee has to put in his maximum efforts for the benefit of the organization, then his responsibility to a very large extent depends on the safety level in the workplace provided to him. On the other hand management especially in the developing economies has yet to put in place safety and security regulations in the workplace. Needless to say, this has ensued in repeated accidents plus hazards, contributing to high expenses particularly in areas like hospital bills, hospitalized workers’ salaries as well as compensations. Such organizations also face the problems of bigger labor proceeds, absenteeism, stressed management-labor associations, operational incompetence, and eventually declining performance. Therefore to fulfill workers’ security needs and encourage them, ceteris paribus, management have to preserve efficient health plus safety program and be dedicated to its accomplishment in all consequences.
Management Accountability, Leadership commitment, Occupational health and safety, workplace safety culture, Health, Safety, Organization, Performance.
Sunderlal Surendran. Management Accountability for Occupational Health and Safety. Asian J. Management; 2017; 8(4):1393-1396.
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