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Author(s): Dev Anand, Palas R. Sengupta

DOI: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00016

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Cite: Dev Anand, Palas R. Sengupta. Disputes and their Settlement Machinery in Tea Plantation Industry in North Bengal. Asian Journal of Management. 2023;14(2):103-2. doi: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00016

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Author(s): Sukanta Kumar Dwibedi, Lora Aptaprava

DOI: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00025

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Cite: Sukanta Kumar Dwibedi, Lora Aptaprava. Juvenile Justice System in India: An Overview. Asian Journal of Management. 2023;14(2):151-4. doi: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00025

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Author(s): Manmeet Kaur

DOI: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00026

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Cite: Manmeet Kaur. Digital Marketing Success Realities to Online Consumer Retention. Asian Journal of Management. 2023;14(2):155-8. doi: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00026

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Author(s): P.T. Vijaya Rajakumar, R. Yasodha

DOI: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00017

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Cite: P.T. Vijaya Rajakumar, R. Yasodha. Employee Competency and Understanding Capability in Gear Manufacturing Companies in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Asian Journal of Management. 2023;14(2):113-7. doi: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00017

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Author(s): Mankurani Goel, Yogita Gupta

DOI: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00018

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Cite: Mankurani Goel, Yogita Gupta. A Study on: Poor Dietary Habits. Asian Journal of Management. 2023;14(2):118-0. doi: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00018

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Author(s): Sunita Bhandari Ghimire

DOI: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00019

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Cite: Sunita Bhandari Ghimire. A Study of Problems and Prospects of Women Entrepreneurs: An Empirical Insight on Beauty Parlour Business in Kathmandu. Asian Journal of Management. 2023;14(2):121-8. doi: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00019

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Author(s): Atul Kumar, Amol Gawande, Vinaydeep Brar

DOI: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00020

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Cite: Atul Kumar, Amol Gawande, Vinaydeep Brar. Digitalization in the Retail Business: A Strategy to gain a Competitive Edge. Asian Journal of Management. 2023;14(2):129-2. doi: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00020

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Author(s): Rajeshwari Narendran, Mehvash Baluch

DOI: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00021

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Cite: Rajeshwari Narendran, Mehvash Baluch. A Literature Review on effects of Covid-19 on Mental Health of Employees and its impact on Organizational Work Culture. Asian Journal of Management. 2023;14(2):133-6. doi: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00021

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Author(s): Aradhna Shukla, Vivek Kumar Shrama, Rakshita

DOI: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00022

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Cite: Aradhna Shukla, Vivek Kumar Shrama, Rakshita. Customer Satisfaction from Banking Sectors During Pandemic (Special Referance to State Bank of India). Asian Journal of Management. 2023;14(2):137-0. doi: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00022

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Author(s): Suraj Patel, Amit Manglani, Disha Rani Yadav

DOI: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00023

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Cite: Suraj Patel, Amit Manglani, Disha Rani Yadav. Long - Run and Short-Run Co-Integration between FIIs and Nifty Indices: An ARDL Approach. Asian Journal of Management. 2023;14(2):141-5. doi: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00023

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Author(s): Ho Tan Tuyen

DOI: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00024

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Cite: Ho Tan Tuyen. Employee Rentention at Danang Dapharco. Asian Journal of Management. 2023;14(2):146-0. doi: 10.52711/2321-5763.2023.00024

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