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Author(s): Pooja Dasgupta, Khushbu Dubey

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Address: Dr. Pooja Dasgupta1, Ms. Khushbu Dubey1
1Asst. Professor, Indore Institute of Law, Indore.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 6,      Issue - 4,     Year - 2015

Stress- the word itself brings a shiver down the spine. The new century has really given meaning to this word. It’s there, everywhere. At home, at school, at the work place - everywhere. Everyone is under stress. It’s nothing bad, neither does it always hamper your performance. Look at the people who drive the heavy locomotives, dive deep in the sea, the coal miners, the mountaineers, who live with stress all the time. [3] The notable difference is that they can handle the stress, because of their capacity to take control over the factors that cause stress. Isn't it applicable to everyone? This paper looks into the modern age stress prevalent in the life at the work place. It brings out the factors causing stress at the work place, what people do to reduce it, and suggestions that may improve the performance levels at the same time. It is vital that the issue of stress in the workplace is addressed. [1] The paper includes outcome of a sample survey done on people from different vocations and their views on the topic.

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Pooja Dasgupta, Khushbu Dubey. Factors Affecting Stress Level of Married Working Women in Dual Income Family. Asian J. Management; 6(4): Oct. -Dec., 2015 page 265-275.

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Author(s): Pooja Dasgupta, Khushbu Dubey

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