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Author(s): Mahajan P.T., Golahit S.B.

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DOI: 10.5958/2321-5763.2017.00084.1   

Address: Mahajan P.T.1*, Golahit S.B. 2
1Research Scholar and Registrar, R. C. Patel Institute of Technology, Shirpur, Maharashtra, India
2Head, Department of Economics, SPDM College, Shirpur, Maharashtra, India
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 8,      Issue - 3,     Year - 2017

Purpose: There is a rapid growth of technical education in last decade in terms of the no. of institutes and intake capacity in India but with improper and non-directional development. As per AICTE reports, there is noticeable gap in between the actual no. of enrollments and intake capacity of these institutes. In the year 2015-16, 46% of seats were vacant in Technical Education in India. Segmentation and ‘People’ factor of service mix is very important aspects in education services. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the Manage-Men-T; Management of People through Technology for selecting Technical Education Institute. And their influence on diversity; geographical and demographical factors of students in selecting technical educational institute. Design methodology: A qualitative research was conducted with a survey of students those who are presently enrolled (pre-students) and those who have completed their study (post-students) belonging to the institutes offering technical education situated in Khandesh region of India and affiliated to the North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. Findings: The study found that geographical and demographical factors of students are highly related with the people mix in selection of technical educational institute. Research limitations: The survey is limited to the students of technical education belonging to North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon and located in Khandesh region of India. Practical implications: Several studies have revealed that the marketing segmentation of technical education will be better developed if we consider geographical and demographical factors and then implementing people mix. It is found that there are some People mix - influencers - related to the institute and previous schools along with peoples associated with the students that are associated with geographical and demographical factors. So, it is useful to consider this association rather than considering only traditional factors. This article provides empirical support for the importance of such factors and their effect on educational choices. Different communication strategies of people mix can be used based on geographical and demographical factors which will proceed to not only growth but development of technical education in proper direction also. The paper represents new form of geographical and demographical factors with various people mix of educational service, that together affects students’ decision in selecting their technical educational institute.

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Mahajan P.T., Golahit S.B.. Manage-men-t of People Mix: An Essential criteria for Technical Education. Asian J. Management; 2017; 8(3):523-530. doi: 10.5958/2321-5763.2017.00084.1

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