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Author(s): Nishu Ayedee, Anuj Kumar

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DOI: 10.5958/2321-5763.2020.00060.8   

Address: Dr. Nishu Ayedee1, Mr. Anuj Kumar2
1Assistant Professor, Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), Institute of Management and Research, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.
2Assistant Professor, Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Management Studies and Research (Mumbai University), Navi Mumbai, (Mumbai University), Maharashtra.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 11,      Issue - 4,     Year - 2020

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to provide a viewpoint on Indian education system during COVID-19 pandemic. The authors will discuss how the changes happened at each level in Indian Education System during COVID-19. The other part of this part will reflect on growth of online conferences in colleges and universities during COVID-19. Methodology: The author is adopting a viewpoint-based approach to discuss the scenario during COVID-19 pandemic. The whole information is based on secondary data resources collected from various e-newspaper websites. Findings: The findings of this article have suggested that online education is new trend in India during COVID-19 lockdown. The online screen is new normal for children and university students. Though resistance is coming in university/school education for usage of online channels but a big chunk of people has accepted that. Originality: The information provided in this article is based on secondary resources.

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Nishu Ayedee, Anuj Kumar. Indian Education System and growing number of online Conferences: Scenario under COVID-19. Asian Journal of Management. 2020;11(4)395-401. doi: 10.5958/2321-5763.2020.00060.8

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