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Author(s): Ramesh Kumar Chaturvedi


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Address: Dr. Ramesh Kumar Chaturvedi
Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Gurughasidas University (A Central Government University), Bilaspur, CG
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 5,      Issue - 4,     Year - 2014

Idea: Advertisement is known to develop consumer attitudes towards products and services portrayed in message. Are marketers really engaging consumers to act favorably through branding done by advertising or consumers simply enjoy marketing communication and respond with inaction? Relation of Cognition, Affect and Behavior (CAB) with Advertising is explored in this paper. Issues pertaining to effectiveness of advertising are much discussed among industry and academicians alike. Ability of advertisement to build brand attitude then to translate brand attitude into purchase (behavior) and finally bring permanency in behavior though entrenched, strong and favorable consumer attitude is focal point of this research. Scope: Effectiveness of advertising has always a matter of interest to marketers. This paper deals with finding what consumers think about an advertisement and up to what extent an advertisement engages consumer exposed to advertisement. Influence of advertising on purchase decision is also examined. The data is collected over a period of three months through structure questionnaire. Suitable constructs are used to capture underlying attitudes and perception of consumers. Importance: Knowing the role of advertisement in demand creation is a profound tool in hands of marketing communication planners. Through insight offered by the research, marketers could priorities their advertising budgets and stimulate the demand for the brands they manage.

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Ramesh Kumar Chaturvedi. Role of Advertisement in Brand Attitude and Consumer Decision Making. Asian J. Management 5(4): Oct.- Dec., 2014 page 415-419.

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